Dr. Igor Roshkovan is the respectable owner of an implant and restorative dentistry practice in Los Angeles, California. His credentials include: DDS, MSc, MSc, CEO and owner of Dental Innovative Design Company. He also has several USA and European patents and trademarks.

His credentials are from several universities from around the world. He earned his DDS degree from the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova. He then continued his education by completing DDS Degrees Advanced Programs from the School of Dental Medicine at Tel-Aviv University in State of Israel and at Dental School at the University De La Salle. He also completed a unique academic program offered at Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany a Master of Science (MSc.) in Oral Implantology.

From there he went on to study at several universities to better care for patients and to learn the latest advanced techniques in implant and cosmetic dentistry. He finished and completed several Master courses in: Guided bone regeneration also know as GBR, sinus grafting procedures, regenerative and plastic-esthetic periodontal surgery, treatment of peri-implant infections, and soft tissue defects, all at School of Dental Medicine at the University of Bern, Switzerland; Course for advanced implant surgeries at Mainz University Medical Center, Mainz, Germany; Surgical training courses for masters in oral implantology at Medical University of Vienna, Austria; master course for intensive PRF (Growth Factors and Steam Cells) in Implant Dentistry, Nice, France.

The International Congress of Oral Implantology is the largest organization that recognizes oral implantologists. He was awarded membership into the Fellowship on February 14, 2016 at the Winter Symposium of International Congress of Oral Implantology. Also, in August of 2016 in San Diego Dental Symposium he received a Master Status of ICOI.

Currently, he is a student in Master of Science (MSc.) Dental Prosthodontics and New Technologies in Dentistry program at the University of Siena, Italy. He also lectures in the subject of implant dentistry internationally. As well as a dedicated researcher who has been published in some of the top national dental journals in topics related to dental implants and implant dentistry. He has also written several articles in the field of oral implantology and prosthetic dentistry.

And finally, he is a member of international and US associations.
Prof. Marco Ferrari MD, DMD, PhD, Leading Science Advisor

He is Dean of the School of Dental Medicine of the University of Siena (Italy) and Chair of the Department of Prosthodontics and Dental Materials at the same University.

Dr. Ferrari obtained his MD degree from the University of Pisa, DMD degree from University of Siena and PhD from ACTA, Netherlands.

Dr. Ferrari is also a professor of restorative dentistry at Leeds University, UK, Research Professor at Tufts University, Boston USA, Visiting Professor of Rochester University, USA, Xi’an University, China and Visiting Professor, Belgrade University, Serbia.

He was President of European Federation of Conservative Dentistry, Academy of Dental Materials and Continental European Division of IADR.

Dr. Ferrari has published over 350 research papers, 290 national publications and 190 abstracs presented in international and national congress.

He is a member of the editorial board of some international dental journals such as International Journal of Prosthodontics, Journal of Adhesive Dentistry, American Journal of Dentistry, Dental Materials, Journal of Dental Research, Journal of Dentistry, Journal of Endodontics, referee of ten additional international journals and he acts as referee for another ten peer-reviewed impact factor dental journals.

As Dean, Dr. Ferrari put together research, clinical activities and teaching to create a multidisciplinary academic dental center In Siena, Italy.

Dr. Ferrari is an official evaluator of Italian Research in Dentistry Committee of The Italian Minister of Education.

He is the President of National Conference Schools of Dental Medicine, the organization that collects all Italian Deans of Schools of Dentistry.

He is a member of the National Agency for Evaluating Research of Italian Minister of Education.

Duties in Company
Scientific support for developing innovative dental and medical products and devices.
Board of Advisors
Dr. Igor Roshkovan
Prof. Marco Ferrari
Prof. Bárbara Loureiro
MV, MSc, PhD
Prof. Bárbara Loureiro, MV, MSc, PhD, Leading Consultant Veterinarian, Adviser in Animal Sciences.

Dr. Barbara Loureiro is also an Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine at University of Vila Velha, Brazil. Moreover, she is an Advisor in the Animal Sciences Master Program at University of Vila Velha, Brazil.

Prof. Loureiro has published 25 articles in international journals and over 50 abstracts in international and national scientific meetings. In addition, Prof. Loureiro is an Ad Hoc Consultant for Research São Paulo Foundation and Reviewer for Theriogenology, Gene, BMC Endocrine Disorders, Animal Reproduction Science, Scientific Reports.

Prof. Bárbara Loureiro obtained her degree in Veterinary Medicine at University of Pernambuco, Brazil. She has received her master's in animal science at University of Pernambuco, Brazil and PhD in Animal Molecular and Cellular Biology at University of Florida. Fulbright alumni, Graduate Student of the year, Sigma xi University of Florida Chapter (2010), Best Thesis of the Program (2010).

Duties in company.
Scientific support for animal studies and animal testing for medical devises.
Gerardo Cedeno
Gerardo Cedeño, MSc, Leading Consulting Engineer

Mr. Cedeno provides expertise in planning, design, modification and structural analysis of our innovative projects.
He is a professional of many disciplines such as mechanical and electrical engineering.

Master’s Degree (MSc), Production Management, TUHH, Germany.
Study topics - product development, production, and robotics.
Study topics - bio-mechanics and solar heating technology.

Engineer’s Degree, Mechanical Engineering, Simon Bolivar University,
Study topics - mechanical design, structural analysis, dynamic, materials, fluid mechanics,

Master’s Degree (MSc.), Mechanical Engineering, Lund University, Sweden.
Study topics- manufacturing and thermodynamic.


Project Engineer
Airbus, Hamburg, Germany
Project and process management.
Involved in digitization and process automation topics.

Leading System Engineer
AEROWING, Hamburg, Germany
Project Management Consultant
Scalian Group, Hamburg, Germany
Project and business management support to the Airbus A320 new development in terms of activity planning, task monitoring, and risk management

Design Integration and Project Management
ALTEN Group, Hamburg, Germany
Managed a team in charge of the design integration management for the Airbus A350 Cabin optimization project. He is also provided technical support performing 3D Model investigations (CAD, DMU).

Product Development
Winfly AB, Lund, Sweden

Responsible for the design and structural analysis of mechanical parts for an innovative wind turbine. Product planning, concept development, CAD modeling, FEM analysis, 3D printing, laboratory test, topology optimization, rendering of the product and manufacturing.

Duties in Company:
Conceptual design, structural and finite element method analysis of mechanical parts in product innovations. Performing laboratory tests.
Richard Baker
Richard Baker, Leading Patent Advisor

Graduate Studies- Intellectual Property, Franklin Pierce Law Center, Concord, USA

Graduate Studies-Applied Mathematics/Computer Science, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, University of New Hampshire, Durham, USA

Previously, he worked as Director of Intellectual Property Licensing for 3Com Corporation of Marlborough, MA, a position he held until Hewlett Packard acquired the company in 2010. While at 3Com, Mr. Baker was responsible for the licensing program of over 1400 U.S. patents.

At 3Com, Mr. Baker was involved in several licensing projects and in the management of existing licenses for 3Com.

Prior to joining 3Com, Mr. Baker was the Director of Intellectual Property at Schneider Automation. At Schneider Automation, Mr. Baker developed the company's intellectual property program, including the creation of IP strategies, the organization of a portfolio of patents, and the authoring of several patent disclosures.

He was involved with patent monetization. He developed strategies for sales, prepared marketing materials, identified potential buyers, and managed the sales through to completion.

Duties in Company:
Advised on matters relating to valuation, royalty rates, and negotiation strategies. Created and managed licensing program.

Prepared expert reports and developed opinions on royalty rates and licensing negotiation practices.

Advised and managed a team in the drafting of several patent applications and led brainstorming sessions to expand ideas into additional patent applications.

Transitioned patent monetization and litigation.
Dmitrii Spetetchii
Dmitrii Spetetchii, BS in Mechanical Engineering, Leading Manufacturing Engineer

Mr. Spetetchii is the head of Prototypes Department in Dental Innovative Design LLC. Mr. Spetetchii provides expertise with the fabrication and manufacturing of our prototypes for further testing. He uses mechanical design and virtual simulation of prototypes and their components, and manufacturing of tested prototypes.
His expertise is in Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Manufacturing, and virtual simulations. He is a Certified SolidWorks Professional in Mechanical Design.

Bachelor’s Degree, Mechanical Engineering, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida

Was a leader in the following academic projects carried out at the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida:

· NASA RASC-AL 2021: Conceptual Design of Durable Low-Mass Lunar Habitat
· Internal Combustion Engine: Piston Rod Motion Visualization
· Aluminum Rod Cooling Simulation
Detailed Design Development
Arriving at a final engineered design

Its time to translate early concepts into focused, detailed, engineered solutions completed under design controls. To achieve this, we integrate human factor, human-centered and digital design into fully functioning, single systems suitable for usability and engineering evaluation.

Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering
Our team is filled with biomedical and mechanical engineering talent, including professionals with biomedical and/or mechanical engineering degrees. We are well versed in the tools and methods to make a medical product.

Clinical Input and Review
Our staff includes a medical affairs liaison who provides and gathers initial voice of customer inputs at the earliest stages of a project, and adds guidance and perspective throughout the later stages.

Pre-clinical testing role in the dental device, product design and product development.

When does pre-clinical testing enter the design and development phase of new dental technologies and devices?

Design and development and pre-clinical program director Dr. Igor Roshkovan share his insights.

“At the end of the day, some testing conditions in the design and development phase simply cannot be done in the lab, Dr. Roshkovan says. “In design input requirements and verification activities within the design and development phase, only small level in-vivo testing, and analysis can determine if a dental device provides appropriate “power” for the dental professional.
About Our Company
Dental Products Development
Dental products development is critical to reach market leadership position in key product categories and growing market share in other product categories. Our company’s focus on launching innovative products makes a significant impact on how dental professionals treat their patients. New advances in technology are also anticipated to have a significant influence on future products in implant dentistry and in cosmetic dentistry. As a result, the Dental Innovative Design LLC pursues scientific research and development initiatives to support this innovative technological development, including collaborations with external research institutions and dental schools such as Siena University Dental School, Italy, Goethe University Dental School, Germany and De La Salle Bajio University Dental School.

The Dental Innovative Design company directly invests in the development of new dental products, improvement of existing dental surgical instruments and advances in technology. The continued development of these areas is a vital step in meeting our company’s strategic aim as a future leader in defining the future of implant dentistry and in select areas in cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Innovative Design stays open mind and responsible to create dental products that are commercially viable with a patient centered approach to dentist needs.

Our team of dental scientists and dental researchers, bio engineers, and designers go beyond developing dental products. The MedTech, life science and biopharma innovators know their product is ready for pre-clinical testing base on clinical skills.

Our company is partner with dentists to understand dental market and business challenges to ensure doctors success.

With a focus on innovative development of dental devices, we have the regulatory registrations and certifications to bring your dental device from concept to launch. Our ethos is patient centered.

From industrial design, human factors and design research, we look at the world through the eyes of the people who matter most – the people whose lives we are improving, the patients who benefit from the solutions we create and innovate.

Research, Strategy, & Concept Generation
Informing and inspiring solutions that make patients’ lives better.

In the early stages of the product development the objective is – to inspire innovation and create a compelling and executable dental product vision.

Concept & Requirements Development
Iterating towards a compelling, deploy-able solution. Our company team create dental instruments and dental devices prototypes, establish technical feasibility and gather feedback to understand the dental provider’s experience.

We leverage patient-centered innovative product design, digital product design, and human factors to translate insights from research into dental product solutions.

Dental Innovative Design LLC does this all with clinically relevant requirements.
Intellectual Property
Dental products designed by Dental Innovative Design will be are sell primarily under its own trade names and trademarks. Dental Innovative Design owns and maintains several patents in USA and around the world.

Dental Innovative Design LLC's policy is to protect its products and innovative technology through patents and trademark registrations both in the U.S. and in EU countries.

Our company screens trademark uses worldwide and promotes applications of its patents and trademarks in a manner that is designed to balance the cost of such protection against obtaining the greatest value for our company.

Dental Innovative Design LLC believes that its patents and trademarks properties will contribute to the company’s marketing position.
Patent No.: EP 3590467 B1
Atraumatic High Volume Dental Evacuation Tip.
Our Innovative Projects
Patent No.: US 10,709,532 B2
Atraumatic High Volume Dental Evacuation Tip.
Patent No.: EP 3692944 B1
Surgical Drill Guide For Edentulous Patients.
Patent No.: US 11510754 B2
Surgical Drill Guide Aimed At Locating Ideal Position For Dental Implants In Edentulous Patients.
Patent No.: 3827850
System and Method To Use Ready Pre-Portioned And Pre-Packaged Single Dose Bone Graft Composition In Gelatin Bag Or Capsule And Method Of Producing It.
Patent No.: 3827850
System and Method To Use Ready Pre-Portioned And Pre-Packaged Single Dose Bone Graft Composition In Gelatin Bag Or Capsule And Method Of Producing It.
Patent No.: EP20020553.2
System and Method To Use Ready Pre-Portioned And Pre-Packaged Single Dose Bone Graft Composition In Gelatin Bag Or Capsule And Method Of Producing It.
Patent No.: 03827850
System und verfahren zur verwendung einer fertigen vorportionierten und vorverpackten einzeldosis knochentransplantat zusammensetzung in gelatinebeuteln oder -kapseln und verfahren zu ihrer herstellung.
Patent No.: EP3827850
Sistema Y Método Para El Uso De Composición De Injerto Oseo De Una Sola Dosis Ya Preparada Predosificada Y Preenvasada En Bolsa O Cápsula De Gelatina Y Método Para Producirla.
Application No.: US 20210154015 A1
Surgical Technique For Alveolar Ridge Augmentation With Maxillary Sinus Elevation (Lateral Approach) Using A Pre-Portioned And Ready Pre-Packaged Graft Composition In Gelatin Bag And Method Of Producing It.
Patent No.: US 11318004 B2
Dental Device Designed To Measure Dental Arch Parameters And Develop An Algorithm And Method For Determining Ideal Positions Of Dental Implants In Edentulous Patients.
Patent No.: DE 202022105093 U1
Dental Device Designed To Measure Dental Arch Parameters And Develop An Algorithm And Method For Determining Ideal Positions Of Dental Implants In Edentulous Patients.
Application No.: EP 4 295 810 A1
Dental Implant Attachment For Removable Dentures.
Application No.: US 20230414329 A1
Dental Implant Attachment System In Screw-Retained Configuration For Implant-Supported And Implant-Retained Removable Dentures And Method Of Use.
Application No.: 6355185
Dental Elevator
Key Opinion Leaders
Dental Implant Concept is a decision company for dental health professionals driven by a network of people and innovation technologies.

A vital component of DI-Concept’s network is the various dental experts and leaders that deliver they opinion and knowledge base of the education, to help improve clinical scientific success and clinical outcomes.

We are constantly working alongside our Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), a group of individuals who have been recognized as experts on the field at a local, regional, and nation level. Through creative content in digital platforms such as blog posts, educational videos, and webinars, they have proven that they can truly be ambassadors for our brand. They have had experience publishing clinical content, digital and print. Furthermore, their professional affiliations, expansive social media activity and engagement, and credentials (DDS,DMD,MS,PHD) display their expertise on multiple levels.

As of now, we are collaborating with 30 global key opinion leaders. As they work alongside to create new innovative products and instrument tools, they also attend dental conventions – sharing their wisdom and knowledge with professionals and others in the field. As leaders of the dental community, Dental Implant Concept is honored to be in close contact with these individuals. These leaders are multitalented doctors and dentists who provide input to develops, test out these products, and provide presentations discussing their thoughts on its clinical performance. These key opinion leaders are essential, and are worth getting to know. Dental Implant Concept is proud of its close ties to these talented leaders.
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